What is a strong magic mushroom grow kit?

We have the 100% trouble-free, magic mushroom growing kits.

Psilocybe magic mushrooms are fungi that contain the hallucinogenic substance psilocybin. Similar to LSD these shrooms can produce a 6 hour psychedelic journey. These magical species have been used shamanically by indigenous people since prehistory.

There are hundreds of species of mushrooms growing around the globe that contain psilocybin. You can grow your own psychedelic mushrooms from spores, this is often extremely difficult.

Mushrooms are the fruit grown from tiny spores (like seeds), from an underground, threadlike white network called "mycelium. If you know and understand mycology, and you have a completely sterile laboratory to work in. You might be able to grown your own magic mushrooms from spores to mycelium to shrooms. But if you don't know mycology you will end up with contamination and ruin your work.

But we have you covered! We have the 100% trouble-free, magic mushroom growing kits. Because our growing kits includes the mycelium and a grow box, it makes the growing process very easy and straightforward it already include everything you need, and you can grow without spores. And these kits solve the problem of needing a completely sterile work environment.

Buying or owning grow kits is not prohibited in the Netherlands but selling shrooms is. In short, it is legal to grow your own magic mushrooms, so it is also legal to be in possession of grow kits. Dutch law addresses “mushrooms”, which is why all kinds of shrooms are still for sale. These are primarily truffles, which do not involve the use of fruiting bodies from the mushroom. Those are the parts that are specifically prohibited.

Our main tip is to always read the online instructions thoroughly before you begin growing magic mushrooms. Our complete grow kits are not provided with instructions, so take your time and read the online grow guide.