"Nature can't be illegal"

About Magic Mushroom Grow Kit

For more than 15 years we are the largest and best producer of magic mushroom grow kits in the world. In our online webshop you can find the most wonderful psilocybin magic mushroom species ready to grow your own shrooms. Ordering in our shop guarantees you a quick delivery.

All our grow kits are made with maximum care for the best product available. Every day we work hard to achieve the best possible product. Our company is under the control of the Dutch government to ensure that we meet all requirements. The cakes come prepared with pure mycelium and a bag required to keep the kit airtight. So you only some patience to grow your own mushrooms.

From the MMGK distribution center, we ship 5 times a week all our 100% mycelium filled packages worldwide! We ship where others don’t ship. We offer track & trace or standard discreet shipments.

Grow your own with Magic Mushroom Grow Kit!