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Legality of Products and Information

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In no way we encourage anyone to engage into illegal activities. When in doubt about a product ask for legal advice from a certified lawyer or just refrain from ordering the product.

Magic Mushroom Grow Kit does not guarantee in any way that the information and products available on this website is valid and/or legal outside of the Netherlands.

The information that is supplied by Magic Mushroom Grow Kit through the website, links from or to other websites or by its staff supplied by email or any other form of communication is strictly educational and informative. This information should never be utilized as a recommendation to engage in certain actions. The use of this information for illegal activities is completely on ones’ own risk. Magic Mushroom Grow Kit doesn’t claim in any way that the information on our website is accurate, complete or up-to-date.

Usage of products

You accept the full responsibility for all pleasure, insights, connections with the universe, harm, damage, (legal) penalties that are the consequence of the purchase, consumption, (neglectful) use or abuse and of the products of the Magic Mushroom Grow Kit.

The company, its representatives and employees are not accountable in any way for the acting of customers

Magic Mushroom Grow Kit doesn’t claim in any way that the products are appropriate for treating, curing or preventing any kind of disease or medical condition. Magic Mushroom Grow Kit doesn’t give any medical advice. When in doubt, always consult a licensed physician and/or doctor and act on their recommendations.

Do not use our products when:

You suffer from mental disease; high blood pressure; heart and vascular diseases; diabetes or any other physical disease.

You are pregnant or breast-feeding.

You use MAO inhibitors, anti-depressives or any other medication.

Participating in motorized traffic and do not operate heavy machinery

When in doubt always consult a licensed and certified physician and/or doctor and act on their recommendations. Keep all our products out of reach of minors and pets.

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Shipping, Returns and Customs

Magic Mushroom Grow Kit is not responsible for errors and mistakes of shipping companies or other third-party companies in the shipping and/ or delivery process. If the order is lost, late and/or damaged during shipping an investigation will be started to the cause of the error. Only after the results of the investigation orders can be replaced or reshipped when mistakes have been made by Magic Mushroom Grow Kit.

If an order returns to us due that the costumer was not at home, the package was rejected by the receiver at the door or an invalid address was supplied by the costumer or due another cause, we can reship the same package (with the products in the condition how they are returned to us) again for additional shipping cost.

We will not refund, replace orders that are seized, held or destroyed by customs or are under investigation in some other way.

We do not refund Grow kits as stated in the returns policy.

Returns, Refunds and Replacement Policy

All our products are produced and selected with the utmost care. We are here to help, if you are not satisfied and wish to request a refund or a replacement. This page contains the conditions of our return, refund and replacement policy.

Return my order
After you have received your order, you have 14 calendar days to let us know if you wish to return one or more item(s). But please be aware: not all items can be returned. Please continue reading to find out which items are not eligible.

Sending back items
Before sending back any items, always contact our customer support team. Items that are shipped back to us without approval from one of our customer support members will not be refunded or replaced.

Shipping costs
You will be responsible for covering the expenses for returning your item(s).

In case a complete order will be returned, the original shipping costs will be refunded after inspection in our warehouse.

To be eligible for a return, your item(s) must be unused and in the same condition as when you received it. Your item(s) must be in the original packaging.

Also read: Refund

Items Not Eligible
Some of our products need to be stored in a specific controlled environment and can only be out of those controlled environments for a limited time before they are used for their purpose. These items cannot be returned and refunded. This applies to the following items:

Mushroom Grow Kits

How To Return Your Item
Please contact our customer support team with your request.

As soon as we receive your item(s), it will be inspected in our warehouse. When your return is approved, we will initiate a refund to your original method of payment, unless discussed otherwise with our support team.

The refund will be credited to your account within 14 days.

Discounted Items
Items that have been ordered whilst on sale will not be refunded. Please note that package deals are not sale items and may be refunded when eligible.

Items that are not eligible for refunds or returns might be eligible for replacements.

Typically, there are four situations in which you may request a replacement. These situations are:

The product(s) arrived damaged.
We always take great care in packing your ordered products. In the unlikely event that a product arrives damaged, please email our customer support team. Please send proof of the damage in the form of a clear photo.

In order to receive a refund or replacement, you will need to notify us within 14 days, after receiving your order.

The product(s) became defective while under warranty.
If you suspect that your product is defective, you may contact us with a photo and description showing the defect.

A product is not covered by the warranty:

When changes have been made to the product that are not referenced in the instructions manual.

When shortcomings are the result of incompetent use.

When there is no proof (photo) provided with the complaint.

The grow kit is contaminated or not growing:
In case of a contamination or a grow kit with no growth, please contact our customer support team. But keep in mind that a grow kit is not eligible for replacement with reasons mentioned above and additionally;

When the contamination appears after the first flush has been harvested.

When the grow kit has been received over 60 calendar days ago.

When you have not picked up your parcel at the Access Point within five days