How to harvest your Magic Mushrooms

Especially during harvesting, the mycelium substrate in which the mushrooms are growing, can become infected with other micro-organisms such as bacteria

work in a hygienic and sterile manner

Always work clean!

When handling your grow kit, cleanliness is the key to succes. Before taking the grow kit out of the grow bag to harvest your mushrooms, you should first wash your hands and arms with soap, and then use a disinfectant gel . Use sterile gloves on to prevent contamination. Wearing a face mask wil be the finishing touch.

When and how to harvest magic mushrooms

Harvest to early or to late?

Sometimes it's difficult to determine when you should harvest your mushrooms in the grow kit.It would be easier if the mushrooms were all the same in size and ready to be harvested. Unfortunately, this is never the case.

As soon as the mushrooms are large enough to harvest, there are always several small and medium-sized ones which might still be able to grow more. Forget about that, This common mistake will not increase the harvest and, moreover, you risk contamination of your grow kit.

The perfect time to harvest magic mushrooms

The best time to harvest from your grow kit is just before the veil breaks.

When a mushroom has reached its maximum size, it will start to open within a few days.The round hat will release itself from the stem and acquire a hat-shaped form and it will release spores to make reproduction possible.

The mushroom loses its power once the spores are released. In addition, the spores are harmful to the mycelium, as a result no mushrooms will grow. In other words: when you see psilocybin mushrooms under the hats black from the released spores, then you are to late!